100 Day Quilty Challenge

Thanks to Jen at Quilter In the Closet for creating the 100 Day Challenge–100 days is a very do-able challenge.

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Here are my three challenges for the next 100 days:

  1. Finish and publish my first book–Sarasota Modern.  Milestone update: I’ve hired a graphic designer and copy editor so I now have help. This is a HUGE challenge because I get distracted or begin to doubt myself (are my quilts interesting?  Is the approach clear and helpful?  Is it modern enough?) Challenge #3 will help me stay on course. And, posting my milestones will also help me stay focused and accountable. I’ve already delayed this project waaaay too long. Besides, I have another book idea with more new projects waiting in the wings!
  2. Walk at least 6500 steps a minimum of 4 days every week.  Hmmmm….this is about being sedentary and making excuses, isn’t it?   The weather is perfect this time of year for walking at any time of day. And my neighborhood is safe and interesting…as long as the alligators, coyotes and bobcats aren’t around.  Yep, we have all 3 living in our area.
  3. Meditate every day for a minimum of 15 minutes OR write 3 Morning Pages.  Morning Pages is a mindfulness practice created by Julia Cameron.  Click HERE for more information. I know that mindfulness practices  always help me center and focus.  I always feel refreshed after conducting either practice.  It’s about getting back into the habit. It’s about taking care of ME.

Note to me: There are so many ways to incorporate #2 and #3 into my life–I can get up and  write my Morning Pages and take my walk.  Or drive to the beach and do it.  And then have breakfast at the beach.

Thanks Jen for putting this challenge out there!

Happy Quilting and Accomplishing Your 100 Day Challenge Goals,



7 thoughts on “100 Day Quilty Challenge”

    1. Well, it’s day 1 and I did meditate this morning AND wrote my morning pages. If I can make this a habit, I’ll be very happy with me…smile…. I did walk about 5,000 steps today. Not quite enough but a good effort.

    1. Thanks Kate. I probably need a copy of his book as a way of understanding mindfulness (not that I would ever teach it). I sporadically meditate. One practice I do routinely is deep breathing and clearing my mind while sitting quietly. Amazing how well that works, even for 60 seconds. Good luck to your husband!

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