2021 Online Quilt Classes, New Quilts and New Website

I’ve been remiss in blog posting for the past few months.  I have lots of excuses….that’s all irrelevant.

The good news is that I’m back on schedule and I have lots of interesting news to report! I also have some brand new versions of some of my favorite quilts to share.

New Website Design

I’m thrilled that I’ve launched my new website design.  I worked with Lindsie Bergevin, a graphic designer and web consultant.  Lindsie and I have worked together for several years and we had a lot of fun changing the look and functionality of my site.

Please visit and take a look around.  Let me know what you think!

Live Online Quilt Classes for 2021

I’ll be offering my popular live classes in January, February and March 2021.  My classes are suitable for all levels of quilters.

Fractured Disappearing 9 Patch

I will be offering this class in March 2021.  Go HERE for more information.   Registration opens later this month.

Here’s the latest version of Fractured Disappearing 9 Patch that I made this fall.  I always make quilt blocks live while I’m teaching my classes and eventually finish them and get them quilted by a longarmer.  I love this Gelato ombre version. I used African prints –these are available from my friend Lisa at Cultured Expressions.

E.E. Schenck, the manufacturer of the Gelato Ombres line, is now a sponsor!  [You can see the line here but you must purchase from local retailers.]  I have been in love with this line of ombres for years so it is so exciting that we are partnering.  You can find the Gelato ombres in local quilt shops and online in Etsy shops or www.equilter.com.

Stash Jazz

I’ll also be teaching Stash Jazz in January 2021.  Go HERE for more information.   Registration is open!

Stash Jazz is a great way to use up some of that pile of scraps and blocks from projects that you haven’t finished.

Here’s my latest version of Stash Jazz.  This is the crib quilt layout.  I have soooo much fun making these improvisational blocks out of leftover blocks from other projects, leftover binding and miscellaneous scraps. My versions end up scrappy but you could absolutely create a different color way depending on your scrap stash.  Go HERE for more information.   Registration is open!

Fibonacci #1

And, I’ll be teaching Fibonacci #1 again in February 2021.  Go HERE for more information on the next class.   Registration is open NOW!

I completed a crib quilt size layout for this pattern.  It was fun as well.

I even pieced the back with the leftover fabric.

Go HERE for more information and to register for a live online class. 

Find MORE Live Virtual Quilt Classes for Individual Quilters

Are you looking for more virtual classes to take in the coming months?  Maybe you don’t belong to a Guild, or maybe your guild has not started scheduling the kind of classes that you would like to take? Many of the students in my online classes tell me that they are looking for more virtual classes to take in the coming months.

Global Quilt Connection will be holding “Meet The Teacher” Zoom webinars that will help meet that need.  The webinars are free–yes FREE— and you will have a chance to see and hear quilt instructors with many different types  of class offerings. You can register HERE and the webinars will be recorded for later viewing. There will also be links to every teacher’s website so that you can get more information.

If you have not taken a live Zoom quilt workshop, I think that you are in for a treat.  Students in my class (and other teacher’s classes as well) are telling me that they actually PREFER virtual classes.  Why? Well, you can sew on your regular machine — and sit in your regular comfortable chair.  You have ALL of your stash there with you so that you can swap out fabrics while you work on the project.  And some teachers, like ME, provide detailed prework so that you can get started on the challenging and interesting parts of the class right away.

So, check out the Global Quilt Connections webinars, or sign up for a live or on demand class with me in 2021.


Coming Up– QAYG

Quilt as You Go (QAYG) is starting to intrigue me.  QAYG is a process where you make individual blocks and quilt them before you join them together.  I’ve never used this technique because I wasn’t attracted to the traditional type of stashing used to join the blocks.  But I have a few ideas on how I might use it in a modern quilt….so, I’ve explored a couple of tutorials and classes.  Stay tuned for a future blog post about what I discover.

In the meantime, here are a few resources that you can explore.

CAROLINA ONETO: Carolina is a wonderful modern quilter. She has a paid class showing how to join blocks with sashing. Be sure to explore her blog and the other online technique classes that she offers. Carolina is based in South America and I have been finding about other modern quilters in South America through her Instagram posts.  Carolina has also started a series of spotlight Instagram and blog posts on modern quilters — I’m honored to say that she has spotlighted me in her series.


There are other tutorials on YouTube that I have found to be interesting.  I like to explore a bit and then figure out my own techniques that I’ll be sharing with you in a future blogpost.  Here are just a couple of the ones I’ve viewed.  Be sure to do a search for ‘quilt as you go’ to discover more.

Check out TeresaDownUnder video showing two different techniques.

Also check out Candy Glendening’s Video on a no-sashing technique.

That’s it for now!  Happy Modern Quilting!


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  1. Such great things you are doing…our guild hired you for 2021 – I sent your name to them and am thrilled! I love that ombre line and it is so much fun with the Fractured 9 Patch quilt.

    1. Thanks for you guild inviting me in 2021. I’m looking forward to all of the conversations coming up.

      Yes, I LOVE ombres in almost any kind of quilt. I just finished 3 new ones and loved making them all. They never get boring.

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