An Introduction to Me

I’ve decided to take part in the 31 Day Blog Post Writing Challenge for December 2020.  So, each day, I will use the prompts list…or my variation on that prompt–to write a blog post.  I want to keep this blog series fun and interesting for both you and me.  So, here are my commitments to you, Dear Readers!

  • Posts will be quick reads because the end of the year is a busy season.  We are wrapping up left over tasks, cleaning our living space, making presents, decorating and planning safe holiday gatherings.  Well, I’ll be doing some of those things….but not making presents.  And not a lot of decorating either….
  • There will be links to online resources to make it easier for you to follow up.
  • I will include practical information based on my experience and beliefs as a quilter.  [More about that in the “About ME” section below.
  • There will be honest reviews if I talk about a tool, book, magazine, fabric or whatever.  No sponsored posts (meaning I received a free item to review).

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31 Day Blog Writing Challenge Post #1: Introduction to Me!

Here are some things you may not know about me…and a few things that you probably do know!

  • I started quilting over 25 years ago because I wanted to make quilts for my nieces and nephews.  I’m still making them for family. Here’s an inprogress photo of a new one for a nephew.  I later added borders and it is at the long arm quilter’s studio.  She will quilt with gold thread.  It’s a Fibonacci #1 pattern that I teach in a live online class.  You can also buy the pattern here.





The quilt below is an in progress AfroModern version of my Fractured Disappearing 9 Patch. I teach updated techniques for this pattern in my Live Workshop. Click Here for Registration Information.


  • Since it’s December….there’s one thing about this Christmas Holiday season that I don’t particularly….find…ummm….attractive.  Yep, I’m talking about GNOMES.  I don’t get the whole pointy hats thing.  Or those beards.  There will be no pictures of gnomes in this post.
  • However, I am a huge fan of the movie ELF.  I’ve been known to shout “SAAANNNTAAAA” at inappropriate times after December 15th.  And, my favorite selfie was taken at the mall in front of Santa’s house last year.


  • People often ask how I come up with my design ideas.  At times, I’ll have a vague idea for a quilt design and I might sketch something on graph paper. I don’t calculate measurements or try to sketch to scale.  It’s just a rough idea about shapes and colors.   Other times, I create new quilts by designing directly on the design wall –without a pattern drafted. When I work on the design wall, I usually start with two ideas:  a shape  or shapes that I want to experiment with and a color story.  Finally, if I decide to create a pattern, I will take the finished version and create the pattern in EQ8 software.  If you’re curious about using quilt design software, check out my interview with Kari Schell on my YouTube channel.  Kari is best known for her EQ8 virtual classes and comprehensive tutorials on her site.

And, here’s a sneak preview of one of many designs in my Abstractions series. I’m doing all of this design in EQ8 because it would not be possible to try out all of my ideas with fabric.   I’ve been playing with this design series for awhile. I’m inspired by geometric abstract paintings that I’ve been seeign in museums and online.  Some of the quilts will be fairly simple and some will have more complexity.  I’m thinking I’ll make this one below in all solids–but a touch of AfroModern might be fun too!

So that’s it for now,

Stay Well!

7 thoughts on “An Introduction to Me”

    1. Jennifer Wiltrout

      It was fun reading your blog post and plan on following along. One day I hope to take one of your online classes when I get my quilting mojo back.

    1. I totally agree that commercialism that has taken hold of this holiday. That and the false ideal of perfect families and perfect romances that most of the movies sell. It sets up such false expectations and results in lots of depression, sadness and feelings of low self worth when we can’t create this ‘perfect Christmas’.

  1. Hi Carole, this is my first time visiting your blog. Nice to meet you and see what you are about with your quilting. I do have to say-I love gnomes-they are a part of my Swedish heritage and I am very happy with them, lol. I am slowly expanding my traditional quilt tendencies into the modern realm so look forward to learning more of how you approach quilting.

    1. Debra…thanks for the kind and gentle reminder that gnomes are part of a deep cultural heritage and I need to note that!
      And I hope that you enjoy learning about modern quilting and the many, many ways the design principles can be used in contemporary quilts (and have shown up in some historical quilts too).

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