Art Quilts–Batiks and Hand painted fabric

I thought it would be fun to post some of my art quilts.  Although I love,love, love modern quilting, I still occasionally make an art quilt strictly for the wall.


Sacred Geometry 1 is made from commercial batiks and prints.  I fused this quilt and machine quilted it.  This is one of a series I’ve made where I’m exploring shapes that appear in the art of all cultures–in this case the circle and arcs.

Sacred Geometry Circles 1

Sacred Geometry Circles 1

Detail--Sacred Geometry #1

Detail–Sacred Geometry #1







Sometimes, when I make arquilts, I like to paint fabric.  I don’t dye–too many steps & chemicals for me.  I like the immediate gratification of using acrylic paint or even spray paint.  This piece below was made using fabrics that I painted using Golden Acrylic paints and jacquard textile paints.  I also like to take a commercial print and paint and stamp over it.  The sort of yellow/pink mottled looking fabric was made that way.  In the detail shot, I show you some white fabric that I wrote a poem (my own) on using a regular permanent Sharpie and a Micron pen.    The quilting was done with a variegated thread–because I use textile medium with the paint, my sewing machine has no problem quilting through the painted fabric.


Sarasota Sunset 1

Sarasota Sunset #1 –wall quilt

Handwritting --detail shot

Handwriting –detail shot




Then, I liked this so much, I decided to make another in this series using commercial fabrics, improvisationally pieced. The fabrics are commercial solids and Gelato ombres.  The ombres have color shading across the width of the fabric so you get movement even in a single cut.   They mimic the effect in my hand painted fabrics.   I plan on making a larger quilt (so many ideas!) and perhaps turning this into a modern quilt pattern.  I think it will be quite nice in a bed size.

Sarasota Sunset 2

Sarasota Sunset #2

Check out my entry on the Bloggers Quilt Festival under the Art Quilts tab.  It’s sponsored by Amy’s Creative Side. Voting opens on Nov. 1!


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