Binding a Modern Quilt

When I’m ready to attach the binding, I feel great.  It means that the project is done and the quilt is ready to be used or shared with others.  Hand sewing the binding down on the back of the quilt is a very relaxing process for me.  I don’t do a lot of handwork, so I enjoy some time for a bit of slow stitching in front of the TV.  And I love these small Wonder Clips.  They hold all the layers so securely and I don’t have to worry about stabbing myself on pins.

Types of Bindings

Faced Binding. This is my “go-to” binding when I want a quilt to have an infinite edge. You see faced bindings on my minimalist modern quilts–and I use them for my maximalist quilts.  I have a tutorial for attaching a faced binding--click here.

Faced binding on one of my modern patriotic quilts. Pattern in my book available on Amazon.

Pieced Binding with infinite edge. I make my pieced binding strips by sewing together leftover fabrics from the quilt top. I always include plenty of the fabric that I used for the background. That way, the edge is infinite AND has a pop of color and pattern to delight the eye.

modern quilt

Small pieces of patterned fabrics added to binding. Parisian Curves Workshop Sample. New pattern coming in 2018.

Pieced Binding—multiple fabrics.

I use fabrics from the quilt top and piece a binding.  For this modern jelly roll, the ombre fabrics in the binding created a colorful frame and echoed the movement of color in the horizontal rows.

Binding detail. Sometimes the binding fabric accidentally matched up with the same fabric in a row–not planned! Just a Happy Accident as Bob Ross used to say.

Attaching the Binding

I usually make binding strips that are 2½” wide, then double fold them and  machine stitch them to the front using my walking foot. I also miter the corners for a pieced binding.

Then I hand stitch the binding down on the back.  In the photo below, you can see my row of threaded needles. I usually thread 5 or 6 needles at a time.  My favorite binding needle is the Fons & Porter Binding Needle.  I use a 50 wt thread that matches the binding.

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