My 2021 Quilt Goals

It is customary at the beginning of the year to set new goals. It’s a scary process –especially if you publish them for all the world to see! So here some of my major 2021 Goals.   Parisian Curves On Demand Class Launch   Publish Parisian Curves On Demand Class Part 1— Parisian Curves Upscale …

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Quilt Skill I Want to Improve

I want to improve my matchstick machine quilting technique. Matchstick quilting has become pretty common in the modern quilt world.  The technique is to create straight lines of quilting spaced very close together. I am committing to try this technique on my next smaller quilt (under 40 inches on either direction.) Of course, I will …

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Technique to Try

There is a technique that I plan on trying– I want to learn how to completely bind a quilt by machine. I will use this technqiue on gift quilts and some samples for my classes.  When I make quilts that I submit for shows, I will use a standard binding technique and hand sew it …

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Favorite Sewing Foot

Today’s Blog Writing Challenge prompt is favorite quilt foot. As they say in the Highlander Movies… There Can Be only One! It’s my quarter inch piecing foot with the flange.  I think nearly all brands of machines have this type of foot available.   This foot has increased the precision of my quarter inch seams …

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Show Us Your Scraps

Aaaahhh, the dreaded pile of scraps. Some of my quilt friends sort by size and color and type of print. I don’t do that as a rule.  If I have yardage left over, then I fold it back on the comic boards and put it in the stash. The Scrap Bin! Others quilters are like …

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State of My Work Table

Here’s what my worktable usually looks like!  Photos from different days and projects!  Honest Craft room indeed!    

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