Carolyn Mazloomi USA Artist Fellowship

This is sooooo exciting! Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi has been awarded a USA Artists Fellowship. Carolyn Mazloomi is one of 60 artists so honored. Visit her website HERE.

Carolyn has been a mentor and friend for many, many years. It is so exciting to see her receive such a prestigious award as a recognition of all the very hard work and sacrifice she has made on behalf of so many African American textile artists and the quilt world at large.

Carolyn isn’t the only textile artist or quilter in the esteemed group of 2021 Awardees.  See the full list here.

About this Award from the USA Awards site:

Our annual, unrestricted awards celebrate artists and cultural practitioners who have significantly contributed to the creative landscape and arts ecosystem of the country. These awards aim to promote the work of these visionary practitioners to a broader public while allowing them to decide how to best support their lives.

Prolific Author — Carolyn Mazloomi

Carolyn is a prolific author.  Fortunately, she has published catalogues of many of her exhibitions.   You can find her books on and local book stores. And, find out more about her work on her website.

My YouTube Interview with Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi

I conducted a very interesting interview with Carolyn a couple of months ago. We discussed many topics, including her work as a curator, book author and textile artist.  You can listen in our conversation and see some of Carolyn’s art on my YouTube channel.

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