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I’m holding a fabric destash over on Instagram.  Fabric Destash starts Sunday, Aug 26 at 12 noon Eastern.  My destash account is @clsdestash where you can find all the details.

I love my fabric stash–like all of us do. But, it’s time to be more realistic.  I’m not really a scrappy quilter and I usually need lots of  yardage, not fat quarters. Too many scrap bins are piling up.

Scraps! Beautiful Scraps…that I will probably never use!  Some of them are almost a FQ. Others are perfect for quilters  into tiny piecing.

I realized that I was hanging on to fabric that I really, probably, definitely won’t use in the coming months.

I’m not really a low volume prints kind of gal….so they have to go to new homes!

I used low volume prints in this quilt for our house but many other wonderful low volume prints are just sitting in a bin! They will be in the fabric destash on Sunday.

I am making space for new ideas and new directions!

I’m getting more interested in specific palettes–getting back into black and white with pops of color. I’ll hang on to the most modern and interesting black/white prints like these.

This was an in progress shot for a mini I made (and swapped) quite awhile ago. So many future design possibilities in this one!

And, I plan on working with saturated solids a bit more because they definitely suit my bold style.

A new Fibonacci quilt design in EQ8. Solids all the way for this one. Maximialism for the win!

Head over to Instagram! Let the Fabric Destash Begin!

I admit, it’s been HARD to let go of some of these lovelies and the scrap piles, but, out they must go.  Here are a few of the items that I’m destashing.  All items will be posted on my Instagram account @clsdestash starting Sunday August 26 at 12 noon eastern.    And, my regular Instagram account is @carolelylesshaw.

See you there!!

Some of the low volume prints.


Part of a red, black, white bundle.  I’m only keeping prints that I am pretty sure I will use so these lovelies will get a new home!

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