Fibonacci Pattern Updated

I just uploaded an update for the Fibonacci Quilt #1 Pattern on my Etsy shop.

Here’s the original quilt:

Modern Quilt Pattern

And here’s a mock up of a new layout with some variations!   The pattern addendum  includes info on fabric requirements for the new quilt size. You can customize this quilt to suit your interests–and your fabric stash.

Modern Quilt Pattern
This variation has a mix of improvisational blocks and a very scrappy look.


Modern Quilt Pattern
You can modify or improvise the individual patches in each block. Here’s a version that has variations in the blocks and an outside border.I even included two curved blocks.

Former Students — How to get a copy of the Addendum

Students who have taken my Fibonacci #1 workshop in late 2018 & 2019 should have a copy of this new layout.  Students who studies with me earlier can contact me for a copy at no charge! Please email me here:  info[at]modernquilter[dot]us  ….. Or go to my Contact Me page.  I respond within 24 – 48 hours to any inquiry.

In your email tell me this information: (please do not put this info in the comments to guard your privacy–email me or use the Contact Me page)

  • When and where you took the workshop with me (guild name, city, month/year)
  • Your full name and email address

When I receive this info, I’ll send you a PDF of the new quilt layout!

Need the full Fibonacci pattern and Addendum?

If you need to buy the pattern with the addendum, please visit my Etsy Shop!


Happy Modern Quilting!!

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