First 2021 Quilt Design Project

Today’s prompt is “First 2021 Project”. For me, it’s a project this is full of FIRSTS.

First, it’s a Mystery Quilt!!

In August 2020, I signed up for the Parallel Universe Mystery Quilt hosted by my extremely talented colleagues Ebony Love, Gyleen Fitzgerald and Latifah Saafir.


This is a project of Firsts for me!


  1. It requires precision piecing and using templates–so I expect to improve my skills in a few areas as I work along with this pattern.
  2. It’s my first mystery quilt ever!
  3. It’s the first time in years that I’ve made a quilt using someone else’s pattern.  And, I’m committed to sticking with the plan!
  4. It’s the first time that I’ve committed to a ‘strict’ schedule’ for making a quilt.  I really don’t want to have this quilt end up as an unfinished project.

Another commitment that I have made is to make this quilt ENTIRELY from my stash, including the backing.

As I go along, I will keep notes about what I’m learning about myself and blog about all of that at the end of the 6 week project.  Of course, I will keep the Mystery in the Mystery! 

Happy Modern Quilting in 2021!



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