Five By Five Variations Workshop

Five By Five Variations Workshop

Registration is now open for my newest workshop.  This pattern offers an infinite number of quilt layouts using any combination of the blocks!  I have created 5 modern quilt blocks that measure 10″ square [finished size].

I will show you how to piece each block and in the workshop, I will coach you on creating  alternate layouts using the blocks that you have created. There are 2 quilt sizes –lap and crib quilt.

Variety can be achieved by:

  • By using different combinations of the five blocks in your layout
  • By using the Five by Five Base Layout and rotating some of the blocks around as you sew the rows together
  • By adding a 4th color to one or more of the blocks—adding the color randomly would be a lot of fun, wouldn’t it?

Options! Variations!

I’ve added some mock ups showing how you can make quilts that look totally different depending on how you arrange the blocks. All of these quilts were made using the same 5 blocks.


This is a variation in a different colorway–2 solids and a print– using only some of the blocks.

In the workshop,  I will also show you even more mock ups of some of the many, many options you can easily create in future quilts using this pattern.



1 thought on “Five By Five Variations Workshop”

  1. Kathleen Scargle McCormick

    Looks like another great class. Looking forward to your talk at our guild, Rising Star, at the end of the month.

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