Fix Your Instagram Algorithm Feed

fix Instagram algorithmDid you know that you can fix your Instagram algorithm feed and stop missing posts by the people you follow?

It’s easy.  Just follow these steps when you log into your Instagram account.  Unfortunatley, it is not a permanent fix–you’ll probably have to do this each time.

One benefit–making this change should also make the suggested posts more targeted to your interests.  And, as of this posting, it eliminates the ads.



Switch over to FOLLOW to fix your Instagram Algorithm in your Feed

And yes, you will have to remember to do this everytime you log into Instagram…it is not a permanent fix.

I hope that making this quick change to fix  your Instagram algorithm will bring back the joy in being on Instagram! After all that’s where our quilting community is thriving!

And….click the image below to learn more about my online quilt classes!!


link to online quilt class and workshops






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