Fractured Triangles Quilt Pattern

I’m proud to announce that my Fractured Triangles Quilt Pattern is up for sale in my Etsy shop.   I love this pattern because a complex result can be achieved with a planned improvisation technique.  It’s all about the fabric choices–and there’s lots of guidance in the pattern.  And be sure to scroll down to see wonderful examples by my testers.

Strip and Large Scrap Friendly

Scrap fabric can pile up! Not all of our scraps are tiny pieces – many times, those scraps are actually YARDAGE. Sometimes, we have binding or even wide ‘width of fabric’ strips leftover from our projects.

And, let’s not forget those large strips of leftover backing fabric or strip sets.

How can we use these scraps without cutting them into smaller pieces? This pattern provides one answer to this problem—after all, we want to be efficient and use those lovely pieces of fabric in quilts for ourselves, friends and family.

This pattern gives you an interesting alternative to a strip quilt by creating 60 degree triangle blocks—it’s modern, fresh and a fast make!

Quilt Sizes: 40” X 48”; 62” X 64” (Quilt size is easily customizable to make it larger or smaller.)

Tester Gallery–Wow!!

My pattern testers did such a wonderful job–I am soooo grateful to them.  Check out these examples.  And then pick up a copy of the pattern in my Shop.

Glenn P. This combination of solids and modern prints looks like an abstract painting.  Call a Museum!


Juanda G — Stripes and African prints are bold –and the white and black solids set them off so well.


Wendy T–That low volume print adds a nice bit of light contrast with the modern print and darks. Love the dark border –blends so nicely with the blocks.


Stephanie D–So bright and cheerful. Yet, it’s a lively but not overwhelming combination of fabrics.  I love yellow! Perfect for a baby quilt.


Lisa H–Soft pinks and turquoise by the water.  Soothing! What new mom wouldn’t love this one!


Tina C — Love the use of African prints.  The solids set them off so very nicely. Of course, I love the way the solid orange gives it Zing.
Lisa R. Full size version of “Autumnal Fractures”. These colors….aaahhhhh…..Teal and pink and deep reds–a bold set of colors that blend so well.


Lisa R also made a mini version! I really like the random binding. It’s a very modern touch. The two inner borders frame the blocks so well.


11 thoughts on “Fractured Triangles Quilt Pattern”

    1. Hi Shala,
      Thanks for your interest. Actually, I will be looking for additional testers in a couple of months. If you are on Instagram, tag me on a few of your poss showing a couple of your quilts. Or you can email me a couple of photos. I’ll send you an email and you can reply to that. Thanks!

  1. I really enjoyed testing Fractured Triangles! That work gave me the nerve I needed to create my very first mini, which I called Autumnal Fractures. I entered that mini in a non-juried show at a local fabric shop. Needless to say, this involved a lot of firsts for me. I look forward to testing another CLS pattern in the future.

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