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I am thrilled to announce a new series of interviews with some of my Quilt Friends– all artists , quilters, curators, designers and entrepreneurs—now available on my YouTube channel.  The series is called “On the Design Wall”.

I have just uploaded the first two interviews in this series with many more to come in the coming weeks and months.

These are indepth conversations with my very creative and generous friends.  I show examples of their work as they talk about their process and inspirations.  We may even spark a bit of controversy in some of our conversations.  I know that all of these interviews with leave you with lots to ponder about the rich history of quilt making, challenges facing all quilters, opportunities for growth and emerging trends.

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Here’s some information about this series of conversations.

Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi

The first interview is with Dr. Carolyn L. Mazloomi, one of the most important authors and curators in the art quilt world.  Carolyn has been one of my most important mentors for many years.

Dr. Mazloomi is the Founder of the Women of Color Quilters Network, and she is a major force in the movement to ensure that Black Quilters are recognized for their contributions. Dr. Mazloomi has written 12 books and curated numerous exhibits for major museums around the world.

Sherri Lynn Wood

The second interview in the series is with Sherri Lynn Wood, author of the Improvisational Handbook for Quilters.

Sherri and I talk extensively about the rich and deep history and influence of improvisational quilting. Sherri and I also talk about the importance of ‘make do’–using what you have to make quilts as an alternative to constantly buying (and hoarding).


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Lisa Shepard Stewart

I will talk with  Lisa Shepard Stewart of Cultured Expressions about her love of African fabrics and how to incorporate them into quilts and wearables.











African American Modern Quilters

I also have a conversation with founders of two African American Modern Quilt Guild chapters on the origins of these guilds and their role in fostering inclusion in the modern quilt world.




Glenda Richardson

You will also meet Glenda Richardson, a very talented artquilter well known for her portraits and memory quilts.  You’ll learn about her process for making her textile artworks.



Kari Schell of OnPointQuilter

I will be posting an interview with Kari Schell about quilt design software–we focus on EQ8, my design software of choice.  Kari will discuss how this tool helps ALL quilters, not just professionals.



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