IQA Closing As Quilt World Changes

The International Quilt Association is another victim of the Pandemic and, perhaps, of changes in the quilt world.  The IQA founders and board decided to close their doors.  It’s a sad loss–they published an attractive journal that documented winners of past shows and also sponsored lots of events over the years. Their judged shows set a high standard for technical excellence and creativity that has influenced quilt shows and quilters everywhere.

JOURNAL ONLINE:  Past issues of the IQA Journal are available for free online.  Here is the link.  They make interesting reading for seeing quilt trends over past years.

Here’s an excerpt of their statement sent to members and posted on social media:

It’s been a strange and difficult year for many individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. And IQA has not been immune to the pandemic’s toll.

Membership renewals are down, we have had no Judged Show, no raffle quilt income to date, no events at the fall show such as Winners Circle, Quiltapalooza, the mini-quilt Silent Auction, or the IQA luncheon, and no election of new officers. In addition, for many years, IQA has seen a decrease in total membership numbers.

Further, IQA has also for years depended upon Quilts, Inc. to cover such expenses as rent, salary, and other operating costs. But because the company could not hold any shows in 2020, resulting in the loss of an entire year’s income, it is unable to offer further support to the organization. Taken all together, these things mean basically no income for our organization.

To read more, visit IQA on Facebook.


The Quilt World is Changing and Growing

IQA is only part of the changing landscape of quilt shows and quilt organizations.

Although some parts of the quilt world are ageing….new quilters of all ages are joining our world every day–they are like butterflies emerging from cocoons.  

Some new quilters join ‘traditional’ guilds’ , while others find guilds of modern quilters.  And many, many quilters do not join any organization, but choose to interact on social media such as Instagram and FaceBook.

I actually feel completely OPTIMISTIC about the changes in the quilt world.

Even more exciting, the diversity of the quilting and sewing world is now being acknowledged and celebrated.  Quilters of all identities continue to bring their creative vision and help [re]define WHO is a quilter and what quilts will look like in the 21st Century.

Detail — AfromModern Fractured Disappearing 9 Patch

What Changes are you seeing in the Quilt World?

I’d love to hear your thoughts–please share them in the comments below.

31 Day Blog Challenge

I hope that you have had a chance to read some of my blogs this month.  I’m half-way through the 31 Day challenge and it has been great fun.

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Happy Modern Quilting,


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