Learning to Design Quilts Using EQ7

Hi Everyone,

UPDATE:  I’m now using EQ8 and I love it even more!! Check out these posts:

Quilt Tutorial

Modern Jelly Roll Race Tutorial

Calculating Fabric Yardage. 


I often hear quilters say that they want to learn how to design quilts using the software design program called Electric Quilt.  Too many quilters bought the program…and then never or seldom use it.

So, for all of you with a version of Electric Quilt sitting on your virtual shelf, I want to give a recommendation–no remuneration given.

I’ve been using EQ7 for a couple of years and thought I was pretty knowledgeable.  For example, I used EQ7 to design these blocks for a patriotic modern quilt (book coming in September 2017!).

Detail of a quilt block with a wonderful focus fabric in the center of the star. Pattern is in my Patriotic Modern Book coming September 2017

And here are 2 variations of a block that I designed in EQ7….and maybe there’s a pattern coming in a few months…..so many ideas/so little time!








I can even design modern asymmetrical quilts using this program like the one shown here.

Quilt designed in EQ7 from my book, Patriotic Modern! Look for it in September 2017 on Amazon.com.


Then…… I recently took a FREE online class from Kari Schell that was an introduction to EQ7 called Catch The Waves.  Yes, even though I have been using this program almost every day for the past couple of years, I still learned some very useful tips.

Kari’s Catch the Waves class was designed in 10 minute lessons–with a video tutorial and other materials.  It was easy to find 10 minutes to learn and practice one tip at a time!  The lessons arrived in an email with links to everything I needed.  And, I can go back and review a lesson anytime.  Brilliant!!

So, when she announced a paid class as the next step,  I signed up immediately.  This next class is called  Easy Peasy Easy Draw Online Class.  You need basic familiarity with Electric Quilt (which you can get in her other classes).  I am really looking forward to learning even more about using all the capabilities of my favorite quilt software design program.  If you want to purchase EQ7 for PC or Mac, click here. (also, this is NOT an affiliate link–I just love the program.)

Kari has other classes for beginners and advanced users.  Sign up for her newsletter and find out more about her other classes by visiting her Blog here.

Happy Modern Quilting!


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2 Responses to Learning to Design Quilts Using EQ7

  1. Pip October 13, 2017 at 10:38 pm #

    Thanks for posting those links Carole, I think that I’m similar to you, having had EQ for a little while and have designed a couple of quilts but I usually flounder around and spend ages trying to work things out. Ten minutes a day sounds quite achievable so I’m heading over to sign up for the free online class and then will try out the paid class.

    • Carole Lyles Shaw October 14, 2017 at 7:09 am #

      Great–let me know how it all works for you. I’m also excited about EQ8 upgrade coming out on 10/23.

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