Modern Batiks for Modern Quilters

I must confess….I love tossing in a bit of batik fabric here and there when I make a modern quilt! Yes, you can use batiks in modern quilts.

My interest was ramped up when I became an Island Batik Ambassador and had a chance to play with their line of batiks.  You can read about one of the most modern projects that I made HERE  (Sadly, the line of fabric that I used is out of print.)

I plan on using more of these modern batiks in future projects.

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Tips for Using Batiks

LOOK FOR VALUE IN YOUR SELECTION.  Traditional batiks were usually dark to medium dark values.  Modern batiks now come in a range of values in most lines.  Modern quilters tend to need light, medium and dark values in our quilts and the new lines provide these options.

USE SPARINGLY.  I tend to use batiks sparingly.  They are accents, not the star of the show.  In a detail from Sarasota Sunset #3, the batiks minimally used. Even though the ones that I used lean towards the traditional look, I think they added some interesting color and movement to this quilt.

In Progress: Sarasota Sunset #3

LOOK FOR MODERN GRAPHICS   Designers are using geometric shapes instead of seashells, leaves or animal motifs.

LOOK FOR CLEAR COLORS   I favor a brighter palette as do many modern quilters.  I look for clearer, brighter color palettes.



These are NOT affiliate links.  I am just sharing a few favorites and manufacturer sites and/or shops that carry them.

Indah Batiks Me+You by Hoffman

This is one of the first lines that captured my attention. I added a few to my stash and have used them here and there.  I need to look at those new black & whites…they look perfect for my geometric abstraction quilts.

In addition to these modern graphic prints, Hoffman also has a line of solids to complement these colors.  I love the deep rich black fabrics as well as the jewel tones.  The colors are crisp and bright.  These are widely available in local quilt shops.





Marcia Derse, Designer

MARCIA DERSE  has been a pioneer in reinventing batik fabric design and fortunately for all of us, her fabric is carried by Windham.  She has several lines of batiks  that are perfect for modern quilters, like me!  In addition to the prints, she has a line of ‘near solids’ that work well in modern quilts.

Check here to get a look at her upcoming offerings.  And then, visit your local quilt shop to add some to your stash.

HERE THERE BATIKS BY MARCIA DERSE.  This is one of the currently available lines.















Another intriguing line is THE BLUE ONE also by Marcia Derse.















PURA VIDA by Sassafras Lane for Windham Fabrics

This line is definitely bright, bright, bright!    FabricSmart, one of my fave local shops carries yardage and precuts of this line and can ship to you.

Share Your Discoveries!   Comment with Details & Link!

I would love to hear from you about other lines of modern batiks.  Drop a comment with the details so we can expand our choices.


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