Modern Improv Quilt Academy

There’s BIG news….

You may have heard that I am planning a major change in how I offer my workshops in 2022.  It’s all true!
I will launch the Modern Improv Quilt Academy in 2022 and you will hear all about it in my newsletters in the coming weeks.
Registration for the Academy will open on or about January 3, 2022.
I’m very excited about what’s in the works and can’t wait to tell you more about it as our plans firm up.

What’s Included in the Modern Improv Quilt Academy?

The Academy will be a Membership site with a year long schedule of workshops and live events. There will also be a lively and friendly community inside the Academy site where you can meet other quilters interested in modern quilting.  (Nope, it will not be on Facebook!)



Members will have access to an amazing lineup of live classes, on demand classes and live webinars with guest speakers throughout 2022. Here’s a quick overview of some of the content and events that we are planning:

**Foundations of Improv and Modern Quilting

These recorded video tutorials will help you prepare to take any of the workshops planned for the year.  And, since they are ondemand,  you can view them anytime or go back and review a tutorial whenever you need a refresher.

  • What is Improv Quilt Design?

    Parisian Curves Upscale
  • Using a Color Wheel: A Quilter’s Guide to Selecting Fabric
  • Tips and Tools for Making Perfectly Imperfect Improv Blocks
  • Improv Curved Piecing–no template, no pinning! Tutorials on making curved blocks in sizes from 5 inches up to 16 inches
  • I Love Ombres…but How Do I Use Them?
  • Bindings!  How do I bind my modern quilt?

**On-Demand Workshops with Live Q &A Sessions

As you explore these ondemand workshops at a time that suits you best, I’ll join you in live Q&A sessions to answer questions and provide help as you make your lovely modern quilts.

OnDemand Workshops that will launch throughout the year will include:

MidCentury Modern Curve Quilt
  • Parisian Curve Multilayer
  • Parisian Curve Upscale
  • Improv Modern Mystery
  • Five By Five Variations: The Pattern That Isn’t a Pattern
  • Sustainability in Quilting: How to Become a Sustainable Stasher

**Live Workshops [recorded for later viewing]

Live workshops will be recorded so that you can view the session later.  There will also be prerecorded tutorials to view before the live session so that you can quickly get started making your own project.  Some of the workshops that are planned include:

Sarasota Sunset #3
  • Sarasota Sunset
  • Stash Jazz [Using leftover blocks and scraps!]
  • AfroModern Improv Squares
  • And…more!! Details to come!

**Live 60 minute Webinars with Guest Speakers

Join us live or watch the replay at your convenience. Our webinars will often feature a guest speaker who is an expert in an area of modern quilting.   Topics will include:

  • Quilting Your Modern Quilt: Conversations with a Longarmer
  • Quilting Your Modern Quilt on Your Domestic Machine
  • Sustainability — Using Recycled/Repurposed Fabrics
  • African and Ethnic Fabrics: Using Them in a Modern Way

Who is this Academy For?

This Academy is for ANY quilter who would like to explore modern quilting, improvisational quilting and stretch their knowledge and skills.

  • Confident Beginners
  • Experienced ‘traditional’ quilters who are curious about modern quilts and who want to learn how to use modern fabrics
  • Modern quilters looking to explore beyond standard patterns

How Do I Sign Up for the Modern Improv Quilt Academy?

Registration will open in January 2022 and pricing will be announced then.  Pricing options will include an annual as well as monthly pricing plans.

Newsletter subscribers will be notified first before it is announced to the general public.  Subscribers will receive a newsletter in January 2022 with all the information on pricing and a link to register at a special price!   Sign Up for my Newsletter here!

Questions & Requests?

Email me and I’ll be happy to chat about what we are planning:  Carole @

And, if there is a topic or technique that you want to be sure we include in the Academy, let me know!

I am really excited about what the Modern Improv Quilt Academy and I hope that you are too!


2 thoughts on “Modern Improv Quilt Academy”

  1. Hi Carole showing some of the basic techical skills like how to keep from getting a wavy quilt once finished, what are the best binding or non binding techniques for modern quilting. Simple tips and tricks would be an awesome way to finish out each session or a session specifically.

    1. HI, Thanks for the suggestions. I have included a number of ‘basics’ in the Foundation modules of the Academy. Your comment about ‘wavy’ quilts is a good suggestion. I will add that to the tips/tutorials in Foundations.

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