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Here’s my  modern quilt book update.   Good news is that after a fairly long holiday break, I’m back on track and making major progress.

Here’s what I’ve accomplished to date:

  1. Hired my graphic designer and copy editor. She has quilt book design and editing experience. She’s working on a mock up now!
  2. Finished 5 projects—all content in the book
  3. Two projects are 75% input.
  4. One project remaining to input
  5. Scheduled my photo session with my photographer for later this month to take the final professional shots of a few of the quilts.
Modern Quilt Book sample layout

an in-progress layout from my modern quilt book


Technology is truly a a godsend for an independent publisher like myself.  Thanks to InDesign, Inkscape and EQ7, I can create a lot of the content on my own. But, I know where my limits are.  That’s why I hired a designer.

I’ll give my Designer my draft version and she’ll make my modern quilt book look GLORIOUS!!



What will my modern quilt book focus on?

My modern quilt book will cover a lot of modern quilt principles through ‘patterns’.  I put that in quotes because each quilt design pattern gives you a chance to improvise–I’ll give you tips on how to alter the pattern to make a version of the quilt unique to you.  I now call these ‘Freeform Patterns’ .  A participant at a recent workshop said that my designs are ‘very forgiving’ and several other participants said that my quilt design encourages each quilter to very easily modify it and express her unique vision.  That’s exactly what I’m aiming for–choices!

The modern quilt principles I’ve covered are:

  • Improvisational piecing
  • Negative space
  • Asymmetry
  • Fracturing and disappearing blocks
  • Value and contrast when choosing modern fabrics
  • Making modern patriotic quilts–using red, white and blue fabrics
  • Machine quilting using your walking foot
  • Techniques for big stitch hand quilting using perle cotton

Publication date is tentatively scheduled for April 2nd, 2016.  Updates will be posted here and on Instagram.

This goal is one of my 100 Day Challenges!

100 Day Challenge

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