Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors News!


You may have already heard, but I have THRILLING News to share.

I was just elected to the Modern Quilt Guild Board of Directors!!!

I will be representing the Individual Members and Guilds of this fast growing community who live in Region 4, which covers a lot of states from Maine to Florida.

I am totally excited and awestruck to have been elected to this position.  It’s a lot of responsibility because the Founders, Board and Staff have been doing a wonderful job managing the rapid growth of the organization.  My commitment is to support them in any way that I can.

I love the modern quilt movement because  it is so inclusive and draws from many streams in the quilting world, including art quilts, traditional quilts, Amish quilts, Gee’s Bend  Quilters, etc., etc.

We modern quilters are always looking back and learning from our textile history and then leaping forward to find transformative ways to express ourselves as quilters.

If you want to learn more about MQG, go here.

Thanks for letting me share my news….Now, I get to work!!​

Fondly, Carole


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