Modern Quilts–These are Myths!

I love hearing the myths about what is a modern quilt.  Here’s my personal list of Favorite Modern Quilt Myths.  NOT ONE OF THESE MYTHS IS TRUE!!!! 

  1. All modern quilts are grey.  Modern quilters must use grey fabric.
  2. Modern quilters cannot use batiks.  No batiks ever allowed.
  3. A quilt must have at least 75% open/negative space or it isn’t modern enough.
  4. Modern quilters don’t use hand applique.
  5. Modern quilts must be made by sewing machine–no hand piecing allowed.
  6. You have to buy a high end computerized sewing machine if you want to be a real modern quilter.  Spend at least $4000….
  7. Modern quilters don’t care about quality sewing–anything goes with the piecing and the quilting.  Just put it together and hope it doesn’t fall apart int the washing machine.
  8. Modern quilts must be bed quilts.  No wall quilts allowed.
  9. Modern quilts are always quilted on a home sewing machine–longarm quilters aren’t allowed.
  10. Modern quilts must always have bright, bold graphics and high contrast colors.
  11. Modern quilts are always made with solid colors….to go with all that grey.
  12. The first modern quilts were made in 2008 or sometime in the 2000’s.  Anything before  that wasn’t modern.
  13. And, don’t forget, all modern quilts are grey….or white…..

And, just to be clear….these myths are not true. These myths are like Unicorns.  Just because I paint you a picture of one, that doesn’t make it real.

Unicorns are not real....
Unicorns are not real….


No one is going around using these myths to make judgements about whether a quilt is a modern quilt.  At least, I sincerely hope not!

Why am I writing about this?  Because these myths (and many more) could be strangling the creativity of quilters around the world.  I keep meeting quilters — and sometimes the staff in fabric shops—who repeat these myths when they ask me why I’m buying a certain fabric or what kind of quilts do I make?  They are genuinely shocked when I show them examples of modern quilts that aren’t grey, use subtle printed fabrics, have very little open space, etc., etc.  Don’t let these myths stop you from exploring your own ideas for making a quilt.

What’s your favorite modern quilt myth?

Go HERE to read a description of modern quilting that I generally agree with and find a useful starting point  for a discussion or a place that can jump start my design process.

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  1. Thanks for this! New to modern quilting, I felt I had to adhere to strict guidelines. Now I realize that is not true. Your advice is very freeing!

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