National Quilting Day Ideas!

National Quilting Day 2020 — Ways to Stay Connected!

Most (maybe all of us) are practicing social distancing so meeting with other quilters face to face will be limited for the next few weeks.  But, that doesn’t have to mean that we need to completely isolate ourselves.  We can still connect and show each other our lovely faces and what we are working on.  Let’s use National Quilting Day as an incentive to plan to connect with our quilty friends.

Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate quilting and stay connected!

Start a 30+ Day Challenge

Your guild meeting has probably cancelled for March and maybe April as well. That means 60 days without Show & Tell!

Or maybe you don’t belong to a Guild, and mostly interact with other quilters virtually.

How about emailing a group of friends or guild members and choosing a simple pattern as a 30+ day challenge?   Here are some options–any of these can be adapted for a quick challenge.

Here’s how to get organized.  You can use one or several of these ideas.

  • Invite a few friends to join in–or invite everyone in the Guild!!
  • Choose a limited  PLUS color palette.  It’s fun to limit to 2 or 3 ‘must use’ colors and then let people add other colors
  • Use a limited type of fabric such as all solids or only low volume prints
  • Have a ‘stash only’ challenge–perhaps with a color theme OR a block or pattern that everyone makes
  • Focus on making a quilt from one book that everyone purchases (How about Madly Modern Quilts? Lots of great patterns that can be done by any level of quilter.  OK…it’s shameless self-promotion. LOL)
  • Have everyone buy a pattern and see how everyone interprets it.  Many patterns can be downloaded as PDFs so buying the pattern is easy.  Find some on my Etsy Shop. (More of that self-promotion…)
  • You can schedule check in video calls (see below for tips on that).
  • Set a deadline for in person Show & Tell at the next Guild meeting or get together after the crisis has passed. OR have a virtual Show & Tell using webinar apps

Virtual Show & Tell

You can hold a virtual show and tell using free or low cost  apps/technology that works on all smart phones and tablets.  FaceTime on our iPhones, FaceBook Live or a free Zoom account are easy ways to meet and talk with each other real time and virtually face to face.

There are others platforms for virtual meetings–post your suggestions in the comments below.

FaceTime or Video Chat with a Quilt Friend

Not up for a group meeting?  How about a video call with just one or two friends.  Talk about what you are doing.  Show each other what’s on your design wall or cutting mat.

Post a Charity Quilt Project on Social Media

Finish a UFO or show an in-progress project that you plan to donate to a local charity.  Instagram, FaceBook and Pinterest are the most popular platforms.

Share your ideas for celebrating National Quilting Day!

What are you and your friends doing to stay connected while we are being asked to stay at home as much as possible?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I love getting your blog! Thank you so much for sharing your quilt world and creative ideas to connect with one another.

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