New Book –Quilters Questions by Kyra Hicks

My good friend Kyra Hicks has done it again!  Kyra is a writer, researcher and quilter–a woman of many talents.

Kyra has published a book for quilters that we can use to create games, start discussions and jump start our own creativity.   Kyra is a publisher and she has a blog with lots of information to help us publish our own books and patterns. She also reviews new self-published quilting books on her blog.

Here are some samples from the Questions book:

  1. Does your significant other and/or family respect your quilting room?  In what ways?
  2. Can you just look at a quilt and know that a male quilter stitched it? If so, what gives it away?
  3. Do you have a quilt scrapbook or other documentation of your quilts? Is it for your eyes only or do you let others look at it?
  4. Quilters can locate fabric for a quilt project practically anywhere.  What is the most unusual place you’ve acquired fabrics?H
  5. How does your quilting guild preserve its history?

Quilters Questions Front Cover


Quilters Questions: A Book of Curious Queries

Author: Kyra Hicks
Black Threads Press
126 pages, $9.95
ISBN: 0-9824796-4-6

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