Live Quilt Classes/Workshops

Open Enrollment Live Workshops on Zoom!

Teaching modern quilting virtually is one of my passions!

My live virtual workshops are suitable for all levels of quilters. And they are an excellent introduction for quilters who are curious about modern quilting trends. During the workshops, I coach workshop attendees in combining improvisational techniques with a planned layout.

My classes are taught live using Zoom. I combine live demonstrations with  prerecorded videos to create an interactive and fun learning experience.  Each class is very hands on — with lots of sewing time so that you can leave with a solid start on your project.  I provide lots of assistance with fabric selection and other questions throughout the class. As a bonus, the prerecorded videos are posted in our private classroom and students can view them for a few days following the class.

All of my workshops are now open to the public--no guild membership is required! Please click HERE to read more about each one and to register.

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Here’s what students say about my live quilt workshops.

The class was wonderful!  It was my first Zoom class and I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was a lot of fun.  You are a great teacher, you speak well and slowly which is so important to understanding what the class is about.  I would be happy to take another class with you anytime.

Carole Lyles Shaw is a wonderful teacher…. I truly appreciated that Carole answered everyone’s questions because class sizes were small enough to allow that. She kept everyone on pace so there was no time wasted.  Carole visited the breakout groups to see if we needed help, everyone felt comfortable to ask if they needed help. We all helped each other in the breakout groups. I have never experienced that in other classes. 

I want to thank you for a well organized, very informative and fun class.  This was my first Zoom class and you made the process the next best thing to being together in a classroom.  

Carole, your preparation instructions for the class were excellent.  The [prework] tutorial on fabric choice was very helpful.  During the class your instructions were clear and easy to understand. This class gave me a whole new insight on improvisational piecing and design. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to break the rules.

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