Parisian Curves LIVE Workshop


Would you like to create improv quarter circle curves with NO templates or matching?
How about creating curved blocks with 2, 3 or even 5 curved layers?!?

Join me in the Parisian Curves Workshop and I will share all of my tips for making a bold modern quilt with improvisational curved blocks.

The Workshop is LIVE over Zoom and takes place on Saturday, September 24, 2022 from 12 Noon to 5 p.m. Registration is $89.

 You can Register HERE! Seats are Limited.

Use Any Color or Fabric

Fabric choices are totally up to you.  You can use a bold focus print. You can use modern batiks.

My Batik Modern using a rich yellow as the negative space. Blocks created using Parisian Curves technique.

You can make an all solids version! You can even use African prints as your ‘focus prints’ .

 You can Register HERE! Seats are Limited.
The supply list and prerecorded videos will provide tips on selecting your fabrics for your project.

This  workshop combines improv and planned piecing for creating unique improvisational quilts.  First, I will demonstrate how to cut and sew freehand multi-layered curve blocks. Then, we will combine these pieced blocks with blocks cut from solids or near solids and background fabric for a planned layout that looks improvised.  We will also discuss using the background fabric in the blocks to create a floating effect with negative space.

You can create a quilt that looks  improvisational quickly and easily! Using this approach, you will find there are many variations in your layout and fabric color choices.   Participants will develop confidence freehand cutting and piecing gentle curves, combining prints and solid fabrics and incorporating negative space.
 You can Register HERE! Seats are Limited.

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