Quilting Tutorials #1

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been absent from this blog for waaaay tooooo looooong……smile….

But, I’ve been super busy and that’s no excuse, I know.  I’ve been doing everything from attending QuiltCon to teaching workshops to working on quilts for deadlines to attending a Quilt Judge Certification Workshop (more on that in the future).

Thought I would start blogging again with a short list of tutorials.  Here are  links to a few quilting tutorials I find useful–feel free to comment with your favorites as well.

Free E-Course

Amy’s Creative Side Free E-Course called Learn To Piece Like a Pro! is now available.  Click the link and scroll down to the bottom of the post for the sign up link.   I think there are 3 chapters out so far and they are all very practical and useful.  Amy is Amy Ellis, developer of the Quilters Planner Sheets.  Very useful if you don’t have my favorite program, EQ7.

Quilt Binding

Quilting Tips

QUILT BINDING:  This is the very best tutorial on a mitered binding that I’ve seen.  The little tips like clipping the edge of the mitered corner–priceless!  Thanks APQS!

FACED BINDING TUTORIAL:  Still the best one that I’ve seen.  Facing is my favorite type of binding for a modern quilt. Thanks to the SillyBooDilly Blog.






Paper Piecing and EQ7

Dackson classI signed up for Elizabeth Dackson’s Craftsy class on foundation paper piecing and really enjoyed it.  Great tips!





Lots of free resources out there, and a good place to start is on Craftsy with a free tutorial on paper piecing. Search YouTube for many  videos on paper piecing.

Here are close ups of tiny blocks I paper pieced and they were actually pretty easy to do once I took the class and studied a couple of tutorials like the one on Craftsy.  Key is to shorten your stitch length so that the paper tears out easily.

One note–I do NOT glue anything down.  For me, that makes the paper removal process take far too long.

I created the individual blocks I wanted to use in the EQ7 program.  I didn’t lay out the quilt because it was an improvisational layout and I didn’t need a whole design.   EQ7 has an option for foundation paper piecing that will automatically number the sections in the seing order.  You can also delete the numbers and renumber the sections yourself.   Then printed the blocks in the size I needed on 20 wt copy paper.

2015-05-21 10.38.19 - Copy

2015-04-29 16.17.19 - Copy

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