Quilts with a Message

Quilts with a Message –Art =Power for Change

Mixed media art quilt.

For many years, I’ve made  art quilts that are ‘about something’.  These quilts have meaning–and usually they are about the struggle for social justice in the US and the world.  I believe that artists can heighten awareness and galvanize grassroots activism.  Art is a form of expression that anyone can engage in–and with social media, we artists can spread our messages freely to the world.

Activism takes many forms. Shedding light on the truth is a powerful act. Making art with meaning is an activist choice–and it is a choice that I will continue to make.



Right now–I’m working on a couple of themes.  I’ll share this work over the next few weeks here and on social media.

  • Saving the Planet and the importance of using real science to make wise choices about environmental concerns.   Although people may debate the causes, there is NO debate about the fact that the seas are rising, extreme weather patterns are happening, polar regions are warming as the ice is melting.
  • Securing our fundamental freedoms:  I believe in the U.S. Constitution and the importance of defending it to ensure that all citizens can speak truth to power without fear of retribution.  Silencing the press and artists is usually the first action by tyrannical regimes.

Images of past work–quilts with a message


When Will My Sisters Sons be Free: Homage to Trayvon Martin.
Mixed media quilt.




Detail: Obama Election Quilt 2.
Mixed media quilt

And Still We Rise: Race, Culture and Visual Communication

In 2015, I was invited to be part of an amazing exhibit of story quilts about race and aspects of African American history and culture, curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi.  Dr. Mazloomi is a world renowned artist and curator with many publications to her name.  Check her out on Amazon.com!

Here is a link to full information about the exhibit–including future dates where it will be on display.

And to find out more about Dr. Mazloomi, go HERE.

Here is the link to my video interview for this exhibit:

Honor Your Creative Voice





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  1. Cleo Lampos December 27, 2017 at 8:50 am #

    I have just found you and am quoting you in an upcoming blog which will become a blog to book in the summer on quilting.
    Thank you for your voice.
    Quilts speak.

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