Reflecting on 31 Days of Blogging

Well, I’m writing this as my last post in the 31 Days Of Blog Writing Challenge!    By the way, I invite you check out the wonderful posts by other bloggers taking this challenge.  I’m sure you’ll find lots of new information and fun conversations.


Here are my reflections….what I noticed and learned along the way.


Altered image of one of my older quilts using a kaleidoscope filter.
  • I am very proud that I made and kept this commitment.  I tend to START long term commitments and not FINISH them.  That’s why I’ve never done a 100 Day project (you can see these all over Instagram).
  • 31 Days is a manageable period of time for me.  It’s a month, roughly, and I sustained my interest in the topics over that time.
  • The prompts helped tremendously!  This is a flash of the obvious.
  • Freedom to make changes is very important to me.  I did not feel constrained because, early on, I gave myself permission to use prompts of my own if the list prompt didn’t feel relevant or if I didn’t feel that I had anything interesting to say.  Giving myself this freedom helped to sustain my energy.
  • I was curious about what I might say for each prompt.  I even explored a couple of topics that I hadn’t written about in years.


  • Write and Post on my Blog once per week on a useful and interesting modern quilt topic or art related topic. I will pick a day of the week so that I have a schedule.
  • Create a NOTES page in my phone for Blog Ideas or Prompts.  I always have my phone handy and it will be easy for me to look at the list and pick a topic.  I can make notes about new design ideas, resources that I discover, tutorial ideas, insights, questions I want to explore and so forth.

I hope that you found the 31 Blog Posts useful and interesting.  Stay tuned as 2021 unfolds!

Peaceful Piecing,


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