Fibonacci #1 PDF Pattern


Most of the blocks in this project are sizes based on Fibonacci math—a number series common to many things in nature such as the spirals in seashells. Don’t worry about the math! I’ve done all the math for you for the block sizes.

This project is also a great ‘stash buster’ quilt because you can use fat quarters of fabric leftover from other projects.

The pattern also includes different ways to make the improvisational center block as well as a pieced variation for it. Also, there is a new bonus layout in the companion Layout2 PDF.

Pattern includes Planning Pages and Coloring Pages!

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By making this project, you will develop confidence for improvisational piecing and using an alternate grid layout. You can use a variety of fabrics—including an all solids version. Or you can use a focus print and complementary prints and solids. Fabric supply list is given for both versions—choose the version you would like to make.

You will use these modern quilting design elements in this project:

  • Modern color palettes and bold, graphic prints
  • Modern traditionalism
  • Asymmetry and alternate grid layouts
  • Infinite edges: no binding and no borders, or making the binding and borders from the background fabric
  • Use of negative space: incorporating a background fabric that covers a noticeable percentage of the quilt top
  • Improvisation: experimenting with block design, quilt layout, fabric choices, and all other aspects of quilt design. Improvisation means seeing what emerges when you let go of pre-planning and measuring!
  • Maximalism: an emerging trend in modern quilting characterized by use of saturated colors in all areas of the quilt, including negative space
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