Sustainable Stashing: Living an Eco-friendly Quilt Life

Sustainable living has become more important to many of us…so how can we use those ideas to create a sustainable stashing process to support an eco-friendly quilting life?  I’ve been a champion of #SewYourStash for years and I’m learning more about the importance of being a conscious textile consumer.  I’ve learned a lot along the way and I love sharing my learning with others.  This lecture focuses on practical and realistic approaches to managing our stash—not extreme ‘buying diets’.

Sustainable Stashing is an interactive lecture with active discussion through the Zoom Chat function and live Q&A.  During the lecture, I will discuss:

  • Common beliefs & stories that drive our buying habits
  • Importance of knowing our stash as the KEY step towards sustainability
  • How a simple tip can helps us stop automatic buying
  • Real examples of how I took steps towards living an eco-friendly quilt life
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I now conduct live virtual lectures for quilt guilds, shops and groups! My lectures are conducted live over Zoom.

If you are interested in scheduling me for a lecture, please email me at [email protected]

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