Show Us Your Fabric Stash

Today’s prompt is Show Us Your Fabric!

I’m not super organized but I have a basic plan.  And I try to keep it up — although this means a general clear up about every few months. So this is another honest craft room post, my dear friends!

I keep my grunge, ombres, some solids and a few other fabrics on shelves in my main sewing room.  The bookcases are Billy bookcases from Ikea and I can adjust the heights of the  individual shelves.


I wrap my fabric on comic book boards that I order from Amazon although some local quilt shops also carry them so be sure to check there too!   The boards are acid free and sturdy.  They keep fabric much neater and it allows the stacks to line up better.  I even use these when I put fabric in the bins. I fold everything from fat quarters and up to 5 yards on these boards.  NOTE:  I do not use the boards when storing 108″ wide fabric.  I just fold that type of fabric up and put it in bins.

I have a 2nd storage area in another room.  I use a closet and some spill over space.

I’ve been going through the bins. Normally more of them are stacked in the closet freeing up floor space.
I also keep quilts in this area that are waiting for binding to be attached. Sometimes they wait a long time…..

Everything is in bins grouped by type for prints and color for most of the solids.  Some bins have precuts in them in packages (such as 10″ square bundles). And I have a bin for 108″ wide quilt backings that I usually buy from Backside Fabrics when they have a sale.


I use the comic boards to make signs for the bins. I write LARGE with marker so that I can easily see the labels from across the room. They are sturdy and work well for this purpose too.
Prints bin with similar colors. Some of my print bins are more mixed but I had a lot of yellow, black, gray and white so I keep them together.
I use scrap book bins that are 12 x 12 inches to store fabrics for a particular project. I will probably use these in a new Parisian Curves Upscale quilt.

What tips do you have for organizing your fabric stash?


Peaceful Piecing,


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