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There is a technique that I plan on trying– I want to learn how to completely bind a quilt by machine. I will use this technqiue on gift quilts and some samples for my classes.  When I make quilts that I submit for shows, I will use a standard binding technique and hand sew it to the back.

The technique that I am looking to learn is known as “Susie’s Magic Binding” and there are lots of variation tutorials on YouTube.

But the best tutorial that I have found is by Linda Pearl, a fellow 31 Day Blog Challenge Quilter.  The technique is a cool way to completely bind a quilt by machine that has a neater look than other techniques that I have tried. I have several gift quilts to bind  so they will be perfect opportunities to learn this technique.  Of course, I’ll do a test on a small practice piece first.    Here’s a link to Linda Pearl’s Post and video.



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      1. oh, I’d love to see that. I am now doing open studio hours on the 4th Monday of the Month via zoom – this technique is the February technique I’ll be covering. Free class!

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