The Joy of Teaching!!

Quilting has given me many gifts.  One of the greatest is that Quilt Guilds invite me to teach quilting workshops for them.  It’s a little bit of  a cliche when speakers say, ‘It’s an honor and a privilege to be here…..”.  But sometimes, and in MY case, it is really, really true.

Getting ready to teach is quite a bit of work.  You have to plan the session and make sure the project and instructions make sense to all levels of quilters.  You have to travel — and there’s nothing joyful about air travel these days, that’s for sure.

Driving 1At the end of a long day, you pack up and dash for the airport–or a 3 hour car ride to the next destination on a road with very few healthy food options (Where’s Panera when you really need it?!?).


Please joinme in Orlando! Click here for more information.




visuallizing a peaceful place
visuallizing a peaceful place

I have to be healthy, energized and above all, calm and relaxed because students need reassurance sometimes.







Janome 8900I have to be interesting–when people are working with rotary cutters, sewing machines and scissors, you can’t risk putting them to sleep…..

 Olfa Rotary Cutter Retractable





So, what makes teaching a quilt workshop so fulfilling for me?

I love bringing the modern quilting story to quilters who are eager to learn about this wonderful growing movement.  I help ‘new to modern’ quilters experiment in a safe and encouraging environment.  No quilt police are ever allowed in my workshops.

Yes, we have modern design principles that we learn about, but I also break down the MYTHS about modern quilting. I encourage freedom and experimentation because we are all learning about this wonderful movement.  (See my post on 52 Quilters about my own journey to modern quilting and what I love about this movement.)

And during the hours that we are together, I am honored to share in the warmth of our community.

2015-04-18 12.17.41


My wonderful students inspire and teach me.  They take my patterns and make them new by bringing their unique choices to their projects.




I help students release their fears and muffle their ‘inner critic’.  They start to trust their design decisions.  They listen to their intuition and build confidence.

Orlando 3


I love the hum of conversation and laughter….and the sound of sewing machines working away. And I can hear those creative brains thinking and planning away.

2015-04-18 11.51.43

2015-04-18 11.57.39  2015-04-18 11.46.31 2015-04-18 11.35.30









It’s exciting to see the wall of blocks in progress….

Orlando 13







Orlando 12
YESSS….Chocolate cake!!










And then, the best gift of all…photos of the finished quilts and the applause for their work at Guild Show & Tell!

Manatee Mtg 1 Orlando MQG finished 1 IMG_5682 IMG_5679Orlando MQG show and tell oct 2015 A









So, that’s the Joy of Teaching…I hope you do me the honor of joining me at a scheduled workshop OR inviting me to join your Guild one day soon.


Click HERE for my Teaching Schedule  and HERE for workshop descriptions.


Thanks and Happy Modern Quilting!

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