Too Much Fabric Destash Goals


I am on a path to being a more eco-conscious quilter/maker.

It is a journey…not a destination (to use that old saying…).

As most of you know, I live near Sarasota FL, and we were in the path of Hurricane Ian.  So last week, I went through the house taking photos in case we had damage.

I had an epiphany!!!🤔⁣

I have been using my stash vigorously for the past 3️⃣ years. My buying has been limited and very intentionally focused. I buy for in progress or near term planned work only. I am pleased with how I shifted to a more ♻ sustainable quilting life. 🙂⁣

Still….😏….I think I have way, way too much fabric that hasn’t been touched for years and that I am unlikely to use in the next 12 months. ⁣

I will take action to push forward on my ♻ journey. ➡➡➡⁣

Fortunately, @sarasotamqg has a fabric sale in February and I will destash some of this fabric then. I may also offer destash bundles on IG or thru a special newsletter(s). ⁣

I want to hold myself accountable so I am posting My GOALS:⁣

➡1️⃣ empty 50% of the bins in the closet by February 1, 2023 and do not refill them. Get rid of the empty bins!!⁣

➡2️⃣ complete all in progress projects by March 1, 2023. I have 9️⃣ in progress projects —some are class samples that I am using while creating new videos for my upcoming ondemand classes on Creative Spark. ⁣Making backings will definitely help!

➡3️⃣ move all print fabric from sewing room shelves to bins or use it by February 1, 2023. See 1️⃣ above!! ⤴⁣

➡4️⃣ destash unused/untouched African prints that are not going into planned projects. See 1️⃣ above!!⤴⁣

➡5️⃣Celebrate with a really good bottle of wine on February 1, 2023 or whenever I reach my goals. 🍷💫⭐🌟💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾⁣

How about your stash? Feeling overwhelmed by it? Do you know what you have and exactly where it is? ⁣

Sustainability Lecture for Guilds

If your Guild or group is struggling with incorporating sustainability into your quilting life, you might be interested in my Guild Lecture.  Contact me to discuss available booking dates for 2023 or  Find out more HERE.

9 thoughts on “Too Much Fabric Destash Goals”

  1. OMG, I’m on a mission to work thru my fabric as well. That being said I realize my tastes have changed over the last 7 years that I’ve been quilting. I’ve begun giving fabrics to my guild members and haven’t bought anything in a while. But….I want to be on a list in case you destash in bundles. I want to do more modern quilting and my solids are pretty nonexistent and reads as solids are thin…I love what I can see of your work and look forward eagerly to the lecture you will be giving to the South Bay Quilters Guild in November.

    1. Thanks PJ! I am working my way through the bins and making great progress. If I sell or give away any bundles, I will list them on Instagram most likely. They will be prints–I am not destashing any solids, ombres or grunge because I use them intensely.

  2. Lately I’ve become more conscious of my mortality and the fact that my family is too far away to assist in clearing our house when we die. It sounds a bit morbid thinking about dying, but I wouldn’t like to see my fabrics and quilts thrown away by whoever ends up with the house clearing task, so I’ve given away a whole stack of quilts to a charity that gifts quilts to kids in hospital. I’ve also been de-stashing and gifting fabric. As I have got rid of fabric I have removed the bins as you are doing, it has made my work room a bit more spacious. I need to make some more goals similar to yours.

    1. I love your comment because it is so similar to my own thoughts. I am making good progress and I know that I can and will destash more this month. I am being very realistic about what I will and will not use in the coming year or so.

  3. Carole, I would be interested in the African fabrics. I’ll keep a look on IG for your destashing! Great goals!

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