Alison Glass Mini Quilt #2

Looking thru my blog draft posts, I realized that I never posted another piece of my Alison Glass Mini Quilt Swap story.  So here it is….

I was in an Instagram Alison Glass Swap. My Swap Mama asked me to be an Angel and make a mini for one of the team because their original partner unfortunately had to drop out at the last minute.  I had about a week to make and ship it.   OK…I said to myself, I can do this! 

I wanted to make this the second in the series so that the design would relate visually to the first piece, but also change it up a bit.

I looked at my swap partner’s feed and saw her preferred colors (white, aqua, teal, yellow, red, green, grey) and that she didn’t like purple that much.  (Back in the stash went the purple Alison Glass fabric that was on the cutting table.) She said she liked solid white backgrounds and I added the Alison Glass offwhite with the black dots to my fabric pull.  Fortunately, I had a good amount left of it.

I noticed that she had some precision pieced blocks in her IG feed.   So, I pulled out my paper piecing and started there with pretty good results.  I printed my templates from EQ7.

Then, I made some improv blocks with free hand cut curves.  Lastly, I decided to add some needle turn applique–a bit of real handwork that wasn’t a technique that I used in my first Alison Glass mini quilt.  The circular piece on the yellow square in the middle of the miniquilt is fussy cut to get those yellow flowers in it, and then needle turn applique–not done as elegantly as I would have liked.  Clearly, I need to practice much more to get my needle turn chops back.

I finished this mini in 6 days and mailed it off early.

Here is the full quilt–Alison Glass MiniQuilt #2.

Alison Glass Mini #2 Angel Mini full









I went to the Library and picked up The Girl On the Train audio book to keep me company while I worked.  It was sooooo good!!!

Here are my paper piecing templates from EQ7.

Paper Piecing Template









Here is a detail progress shot showing how the layout started to evolve as I made the blocks.  I didn’t make the blocks to fit a pattern. I just pieced and then started arranging and then pieced a bit more.   I made several changes and photographed them along the way before finally deciding on the final layout. The blue masking tape is to give me a rough approximation of size.  I wanted  it to be 20- 24 inches on any side.

Mini 2 layout 1









Me doing my needle turn–and needing a manicure:

hand applique 1







Here are some detail shots showing the machine and hand quilting.  I quilted a spiral around the hand applique circle using my walking foot–no marking.  I just used the edge of the foot as my guide.  Other quilting was straight line marked with masking tape or using the edge of  the blocks for guidance.  I added some hand quilting around the appliqued circle using a yellow perle cotton thread.  The binding is a faced binding.

Spiral quilting 2









Paper Piecing and Improv piecing









Detail 2 Alison Glass Mini #2

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