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Please note that I typically respond within 2 business days to every email.  So,  if you do not hear back from me, your note may have gotten caught in my spam ( I check my spam every couple of days but sometimes a message can get overlooked).  Please feel free to email me again at [email protected]

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  1. wondering if you can help I am making a Kaffe Fassett quilt that has a lot of pinks in it, but many touches of other colors. The quilt is called chelsea Squares and it calls for backing Kaffe Fassett Cotton Sateen Wide Quilt Backing Red Circles, which i noticed on your blog. I am just curious as to how RED..this is and wondering how will will work with a lot of pink? any feedback? I have not seen the fabric in person.

    1. Hi Cecily. I just saw your question–it was in my Spam folder and I overlooked it. My apologies. You’ve probably made your decision–my suggestion was going to be to search for images of the fabric online to see the colors. Or go to the manufacturer website (FreeSpirit) to look at the color swatches. Although it is called Red, online some of the sites show it as having more of an Orange hue. And the yardage that I used was definitely orange with shades of magenta/pink, light chartreuse,teal, burgundy/red. The Etsy Shop Modern Quilter had a swatch up and it looks very true to the fabric that I have. Hope this helps!

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