Quilt Guild Events

My live virtual lectures and workshops are suitable for modern, modern traditional and traditional quilters, and of all skill levels. They are an excellent introduction for quilters who are curious about modern quilting trends.

I hope that you will consider inviting me to lecture over Zoom or join me for a live online workshop!

Explore the offerings using the links below and feel free to Contact Me to discuss my availability, pricing and other details.


Live Virtual Lectures

I offer a variety of lectures conducted over Zoom, each with a unique presentation and interactive discussion.

All lectures include time for questions and answers.  Contact me to discuss schedule openings.  Lecture fee is $550 US.

Lecture Topics:

  • What Makes a Modern Quilt? Principles of modern quilt design. Current and emerging trends in the modern quilt movement
  • My Journey to Improv, Maximalism and Geometric Abstraction. My approach to improvisation with intention.  Art influences on my work.  How I work from sketches to create a series of related works.
  • Ankara Goes Modern: Using African Prints in Modern Quilts. How I select and use African print fabrics to make 'AfroModern'  quilts.
  • Sustainable Stashing: Living an EcoFriendly Quilt LifeLessons learned and practical strategies from my journey towards lessening my impact as a quilt maker.[please note that this lecture does NOT focus on using repurposed clothing]

I make an effort to accommodate your Guild time Zone—even internationally. (I am located in Florida.) I am currently scheduling through early 2025.

Live Virtual Guild Workshops

GUILD WORKSHOPS: In 2024, I will schedule a limited number of live virtual workshops for Guilds. Guilds can contact me to discuss scheduling a workshop.  Workshop Fee is $1500 US for a one day event. Maximum 20 students per class.

All students work from their home sewing studios and access the event over zoom.

Live classes include live demonstrations, indepth discussions and 'show and share' sessions to create an interactive and fun learning experience. In addition, prerecorded preparation and tutorial videos are available for viewing in advance of the live class.  Each class is very hands on—with lots of sewing time so that students leave with a solid start on their projects.

BULK DISCOUNTS FOR PUBLIC ENROLLMENT CLASSES:  I also offer live virtual workshops where registration is open to the public.   Guilds may contact me if they wish to receive a discount to purchase seats in bulk for their members for my public live classes.

ONDEMAND AND LIVE COMBO:  Guilds can also contact me about scheduling a virtual lecture or workshop linked to my Creative Spark on demand workshops. Fees vary -- contact me to discuss this option.  My ondemand Creative Spark classes can be found here.


In Person Guild Lectures & Workshops

I have decided that I will not be offering in-person lectures and workshops.  I know that I will miss the in-person camaraderie, but this decision is the best option for my life and family commitments.

I hope that your guild will consider my virtual options as these events have been well received by many, many guilds.

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