Hire Me to Teach

We are all hopeful that we can resume meeting in person in 2021.  In the meantime, I am offering live online lectures and classes for guilds, shops and groups.

Click Here for more information about booking me for virtual lectures and classes.

My workshops are suitable for modern, modern traditional and traditional quilters! I hope that you will consider inviting me to lecture and teach in your area.

Email Me:  info@modernquilter.us

The information on this page is a general summary of travel, booking, fees and lodging requirements for in-person teaching. More details can be found in my full contract.


Minimum billing requirements are based on the amount of travel time required from my home in Sarasota FL (airport is Sarasota or Tampa).

• Local (within a 1 hour drive one way) – no minimum

• Under 3 hours of air travel – one lecture and one 1-day workshop OR two 1-day workshops

• Over 3 hours of air travel: one lecture and two 1-day workshops

If event requires a non-teaching/non-lecture day between your events, please note that a $200 layover fee and accommodation expenses will be required.

You may combine events with another group in your immediate area to meet the minimum booking and share expenses.


FEES AND HOLDING DATES: in person events

• $450 for a Lecture and Trunk Show and Question and Answer session booked on a day or evening by itself. ($350 if lecture is held the evening following a workshop.)

• 1-Day workshop [6-7 hour day]: $750 per workshop day plus $8.00 kit fee per student for full color pattern. 18 students maximum. PDF supply lists provided for all students in advance

• Minimum booking is normally one lecture and a full day workshop for events requiring less than 4 hours travel each way.

• A $300 deposit required with signed contract to secure a date. Deposit is applied to final invoice. See contract for cancellation information.

Questions? Ready to book?

I’m happy to discuss any questions you may have.

If you want a copy of my current fee schedule/contract and to schedule me, please email me:  info@modernquilter.us

Or, you can contact me through this form.

LECTURES: in person events

All lectures are 60-90 minutes and I provide a handout for each attendee. Trunk show includes quilts and book signing. Requirements include:

• Tables to set up my quilts, books and patterns for lectures and workshops.

• For lectures, I will provide my PowerPoint presentation on a flash drive or bring my own laptop. Group must provide projector and screen. I also require a microphone.

• I will provide books and patterns for sale, so please check that the venue allows sales. I am responsible for all taxes.


WORKSHOPS: in person events

• 18 students maximum. Prefer one table per student because my workshops require lots of cutting and block layout work.

• Full color handouts or patterns provided for each workshop participant (fee as noted in my contract).

• Room setup: 2 tables for demonstrations and sample quilts


TRAVEL: In person Events

• Hotel lodging invoiced at hotel rate agreed to in advance.

• Meals are billed at cost for travel and onsite days.

• Airfare and luggage fees: I fly regular coach and preferred airlines are Southwest or Delta (or other airlines that have direct one one-stop flights). I usually check two bags and have one carry on.

• Mileage to/from airport from my home and parking at the airport or airport shuttle.

• If venue is within a 2 hour round trip drive of my home, I will typically drive and charge mileage.

• Standard mileage for events 2 hours or less from my home in Bradenton FL

• Coach airfare and baggage fees for quilt samples and workshop supplies; shuttle to and from airport in FL. (I fly out of Tampa FL)

• Hotel accommodations for required nights (depending on event schedule)

• Meals at cost for all days and evenings