African American Quilters Resource Books

African American Quilters represent a significant percentage of traditional, modern and art quilters in the USA.

African American quilters work in every quilting category–and not all African American quilts are improvisational.

Here are a few important African American quilters resource books that I suggest you check out if you would like to learn more about the historical and contemporary story of African American quilters.   These books are available at many public libraries, local bookstores or online at Amazon [click on the book title–this is an affiliate link]. (Note–I am proud to say that I have quilts published in some of these books.)

African American quilts

And Still We Rise: Race Culture and Visual Conversations  by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi

Here is a video interview with me about my work in  this exhibit OR  click HERE to go to the video site.



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The Lord’s Supper Pattern Book: Imagining Harriet Powers’ Lost Bible Story Quilt by Kyra Hicks and Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi


Quilting African American Women’s History by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi

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  1. I am a retired Sarasota elementary Art Teacher, and I used the book Spirits of the Cloth many times with my art students, as a resource when doing a unit each year on the art of Faith Ringgold! I would have my sudents use felt, to design “quilt squares” that I would piece together on a huge bulletin board. This project was funded, through grants I would write each year.
    I wish I had known about you! As I could have invited you as a guest artist to our classroom.
    I recently started quilting, and donate my quilts to the Red Cross ( they have a sewing group in Sarasota). Your work is beautiful! Wondering if you ever do workshops in the Sarasota area?

      1. I live in Winter Garden/Orlando area are there any Black Quilt Guild that you maybe aware of in this area?

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