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Online Learning for Quilters Series

I’ll occasionally post information about resources for online learning.  Most of these resources are for a fee–after all, we can’t get everything for free!  These are  my personal reviews of the online websites.  Please feel free to post your own experiences with each one–but if you have feedback about things they can do differently or better, I suggest you post that information directly on their site.  I’m sure they’d love to hear from you!  (Unless clearly noted, I have no affiliation or sponsorship with any of these sites.)

EQ7–Online Learning for Quilters

EQ7 pictureOf course, I have to start this series with my favorite quilt design tool.  As you know, I absolutely love EQ7.  And, the more I take the time to actually read the manuals AND follow along in the classes at EQ University, the more I understand what I can do quickly and easily with this awesome program.

I use EQ7 to design quilt blocks, design full quilts, calculate yardage and make the layouts and templates for my patterns.

You can use this program to design pieced blocks, applique blocks, quilting stencils and much more. Although it comes with tons of already designed blocks and layouts, you can alter these to make a unique block or quilt.  this is perfect for modern quilters!


EQ7 - Video - Lessons - 2016-07-30 07-49-11If you’re not familiar with the program, go HERE for an awesome set of videos giving you an overview of just some of the things you can do with this software.  It’s available for PC and MAC.





EQ Stitch

For all you embroidery machine owners out there, they have a SEPARATE add-in program call EQStitch.  I know nothing about this world so check it out here (LOL)!






How the Online Learning at EQUniversity Works

The EQUniversity classes are project driven lessons.  You get a very, very detailed step-by-step set of written lessons that are well illustrated.

After the class period, you don’t have access to the forum or the videos, but, I don’t find that to be a problem because the lesson plans are so detailed.  I printed the lessons so I could have them next to me while I practice the lessons in EQ7 and when I want to go back and refresh my knowledge when I’m working on a project.

Tip: Set up a Projects Lessons file in EQ7 so you can play around with the lessons.  And, if you create a block or quilt that you really like, you can always import just that block or quilt into your real project file. 

My Classes - EQ University Screenshot 7-30-2016I’ve worked through the Quick Start and two lessons and I’m eagerly waiting for my next one on Advanced Layouts!

Info From the EQ7 Website:

When enrolled, you get:

  • Access to your class forever! That’s right, once you’re enrolled in the class, you will always have access to the course materials. You will only have access to the class forum for the duration of the session, however. (see below)
  • Full access to the class Q&A forum where you can ask questions about course content and get quick responses from your instructor and classmates. The Q&A forum is available for the duration of the class session.
  • Fully illustrated lessons to view on screen or to print. One lesson will be posted each week, but work at your own pace!
  • Extra supplemental resources for the class: videos, files and links.
  • A full glossary of terms for the class to reference any time you want.
  • Free technical support from The Electric Quilt Company! We’re always here, whether you’re enrolled in a class or not. Please contact us with any questions.


Online EQ7 and EQStitch Tutorials on YouTube

Last but not least, there are free tutorials on YouTube uploaded from the Electric Quilt Company and from independent teachers.   Search these terms:  EQ7 and ElectricQuilt.

4 Responses to Online Learning for Quilters–EQ7

  1. darlsc September 6, 2016 at 12:54 am #

    I have EQ7 installed, but haven’t really used it. I took a course online, through Academy of Quilters, but I didn’t retain much. I need to just get on there and play, read the manual, and learn! I saw your book on Amazon, and came to visit your web site.

    • Carole Lyles Shaw September 13, 2016 at 7:08 am #

      Thanks for letting me know that you saw my book on Amazon!! Still thrills me…..

  2. Jamie October 10, 2016 at 7:19 pm #

    EQ7 is on my to do list. I ended up on your site when I saw you book in the Modern Patchwork magazine. I can’t wait to check it out!

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