Patriotic Modern Quilt Pattern Update 3

Hello Everyone!  In this post, I’ll show you the different modern looks you can achieve with the Patriotic Diamonds Modern Quilt pattern  (on page 80) when you use a variety of modern quilt fabrics.  I’ve also added a tutorial on adding an inner border –see the bottom of this post.

And go HERE and HERE for earlier posts showing how to choose fabrics in other colorways for the patterns in this book.

You can purchase the book from local quilt shops and online here.

Here’s the original quilt.

Quilt designed in EQ7 from my book, Patriotic Modern.

Patriotic Diamonds pattern from my book, Patriotic Modern Quilts. Quilted by Debra  Jalbert of Made With Honor Quilts.

And here’s a detail of one of the blocks from the original quilt.

But, if you don’t want a red, white and blue quilt, you can easily switch this palette out for other colors and fabrics!  The small squares in the diamond centers are perfect for stash busting and using up smaller scraps.  (See note at bottom of this post for details on adding the inner borders.)

How about a bright and cheerful yellow quilt for a kiddo.

Here’s a detail showing one of the blocks.

Here’s a detail showing one of the blocks.

Or go for an equally cheerful but more muted group of fabrics like Dominicana by Vanessa Garvis,  The Crafty Gemini herself!

Detail showing one of the blocks in Dominicana.

Finally, here’s a very modern take on this quilt using a low volume black and white print for the negative space areas.  The diamonds and bars are very dramatic using a black and white print.  Then, I added a splash of color in the blocks.

Adding an inner border

You can add an inner border very easily.

  1. Piece the quilt center (the diamonds and bars.
  2. Cut 2 inner border strips measuring 1-1/2 inches by length of Border F. Attach these borders.
  3. Cut two strips for top and bottom inner borders measuring 1-1/2 inches by width of the new center (with the left and right inner borders attached).  Sew these borders on.
  4. On the cutting chart, you will see lengths and widths for the outer borders F, G & H. You will need to increase the lengths of these borders to match the new size of your center.




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  1. Nancy October 5, 2018 at 10:33 am #

    Love your happy, joyful quilts. They make me smile and think happy thoughts. Just what we all need right now !!!

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