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Hey Quilt Peeps!

I promised a list of what I have playing in the background–quilting and podcast listening.  Well, here they are and I’m adding more all the time so periodically I’ll update this list.  These are not quilt/craft podcasts for the most part.  Most are oriented to some area of arts and culture.  I’m not going to put any long descriptions–just a link so you can check these out yourself.

I use iTunes to subscribe to the podcasts so they are always updated.


  1. Some podcasts have ‘explicit’ ratings on a particular episode–that usually means some language unsuitable for children or others (like ME) who don’t like cursing, for example. However, usually these podcasts are adult and family friendly but use your discretion.  Episodes that may be offensive usually have a little red E in the description for that episode.
  2. I LOVE CANADA! So, some of the podcasts are very Canada oriented.  Nuff Said……
In progress Mini

In progress Mini

MY FAVES…Use the title to search on iTunes to check them out.  Links to websites if they have one.

This American Life   Stories from all types of peopole, in all walks of life

Modern SewCiety  Interviews with makers, quilt makers and related….

Q: The Podcast  Love the format–interviews, politics (very Canada oriented but interesting insights), arts and artists, writers.  I also discover new music that I owuld NEVER hear otherwise.  This host is one of the smartest I’ve heard–and he’s a musician and brings an artist’s sensibility to the show

99% Invisible  Quirky insights on modern life, economics, science, humor….you never know!

Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me   Humorous take on current events in a quiz show format…sort of….They have a facebook page and YouTube videos too

Snap Judgement   “Storytelling with a Beat” is their tagline.  Love this program.  Music, stories, humor, drama…..

Me Being Crafty  Insights on many aspects of living a creative life

A Tiny Sense of Accomplishment  Writers interview writers and other artists (most are explicit because of their language…but these are very smart discussions)

The Takeaway  Current Events, interviews, culture and arts

Rendered Quirky stories

The Moth  Best story telling show ever!!

Science Friday  For the Geek in me….

Studio 360 from PRI  Current events, interviews

PRI: To the Best of Our Knowledge   current events, culture,

RadioLab from WNYC    Interesting stories about unusual areas of modern life and history.  I just wish they made more episodes.

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  1. Pat Hume May 13, 2015 at 8:46 pm #

    Great websites Carol… Thanks

  2. Sarah Bailey June 9, 2015 at 12:37 pm #

    You should check out the up and coming craftyplanner.com podcast. Very thoughtful and “open” discussions about crafting but also about important issues in the crafting community.

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