Favorite Sewing or Quilting Tip

Today’s prompt is ‘favorite tip’.

I had a million thoughts! So, here’s a simple one.

I am not good at precision sewing.  Getting my 1/4 inch piecing seam straight and even and consistent is a real challenge for me.

So my favorite piecing tip was to buy a 1/4″ piecing foot with a flange edge.  I use it nearly all the time when I am piecing any seams.  Here’s the Janome version that I use on my machine. I know that there are other ‘hacks’ for keeping your fabric lined up on the 1/4 inch alignment.  But, isn’t this foot just easier?  Look for a similar foot for your machine–they are pretty inexpensive (under $20 in the US) and worth the cost for time saved.


Test Your Seams!

The other tip that goes along with this is to sew test seams and measure for accuracy.  Even with my flange foot and new machine, I still did a test block.  If you are making a pattern that requires blocks to measure accurately, do a test!    Here’s a link to a YouTube Video showing how to do that.



1 thought on “Favorite Sewing or Quilting Tip”

  1. I have this helpful foot stashed away somewhere and now I need to find it to improve my 1/4″ seam sewing!
    Thank you, Carole! *This idea would be wonderful as a weekly post topic! I’m sure you could fill a year’s worth easily!

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