Podcast Listening While Making Modern Quilts


I love listening to podcasts (and, of course audiobooks–click here for my earlier post on sources for free or inexpensive audiobooks).
I also like to download podcasts to listen to when I am driving or even when I go to a sew day with my Guildies!

Here are a few of my favorite podcasts.

There are a lot of podcasts by makers in the quilt world and you probably know many of them already.  This list is focused on other types of podcasts for the most part.

Some of the podcast topics give me design ideas and inspiration for my designs–especially when I listen to podcasts about artists outside of the modern quilt world.  When I hear about an artist that I don’t know much about, then I usually do an image search to see their work.

Links (in the name) are to the podcast website. Explore and listen from the website or you can subscribe using your podcast app on your phone or tablet.  On the website, you can  go back to the first episode to listen more easily.
LAUGH OUT LOUD with Ali Hassan from the CBC [a adult comedy podcast from Canada. Language is clean but themes are for adults. Lots of up and coming as well as established Canadian comedians. 30 minutes of pure happiness in each episode.]
HAPTIC AND HUE [BEST podcast about textile history and culture from around the world. Can’t say enough about how truly good it is.]
HIT PARADE [Music history and music trivia.]
THE GREAT WOMEN ARTISTS [Listen and discover new artists]
THREADS OF SUSTAINABILITY [Learn more about textiles and impact on the planet. On the podcast page, you can scroll down the list of episodes to see the names of guests. Episode #40 is ME!]
QUILT BUZZ  [Interviews with many interesting people in the fabric, thread and quilt industry. Episode #71 is ME!]
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  1. Thanks for the list of podcasts! I am always interested in finding new, interesting podcasts. I have been enjoying Julia Louis Dreyfus’s “Wiser Than Me” podcast where she interviews older women (usually celebrities of some sort), finding bits of wisdom from older women. Some of the guests (like Isabelle Allende) are quite entertaining!

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