Quilt Book Progress Update #1

my goalI’m Celebrating!

My goal is to make steady progress in writing and doing an initial graphic layout of my first quilt book.

Well, here’s my first ‘quilt book progress update’.  I just finished inputting the text and images for the introduction chapter and the first project!!


InDesign logo

Today, I taught myself how to use the Scissors tool to slice up block layouts (I created the blocks in EQ7 and Inkscape) so I could show how to rearrange the pieces for the fracturing process.

So in this example, here’s what I created for one of the instructions for the Fractured 9 Patch Quilt:

Base block
Step #1 showing a 9 patch block.



indesign sample #1
Step#2 shows the block cut into 4 parts. the Scissors tool let me slice up my original image!!  Easy-Peasy!!
Final instruciton step showing the parts rearranged and sewn together
Final instruction step showing the parts rearranged and sewn together.  Image needs a bit of cleaning up but it’s good enough for a first draft!











When I ran into a problem, I just slowed down, read a couple of tutorials, and then I just figured it out all by my little self. I love, love, love this software!!

Next projects will go so much faster now that I have sort of gotten the hang of it.  I have to confess that I am a bit of a software Fan Girl, and I am so thrilled when a powerful product is created to be so user friendly for novices like me!

Posting these updates will keep me accountable.  And, I hope that sharing my learning about using InDesign, I’ll inspire other quilt pattern designers to jump in.



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  1. Carole, you are so inspirational and clever! Never give up on your dreams! I am enjoying riding along on your journey!

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