Why Do I Sew?

Why do I sew?  Why did I choose sewing–specifically quilt making — as a medium for expressing my creativity?

Since I was in college, I have loved visual art.  I am especially in love with 20th century painters in the  Colorfield genre.  I studied the works of Alma Thomas, Sam Gilliam, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Sonia Delaunay and so many more.

Fast forward a few years, and I picked up photography.  I even had a small darkroom set up in my apartment when I lived in NYC.  When I moved back to Baltimore, I continued with photography.

A Summer Day

Making Art with Color

I took many art theory, painting and drawing classes [free and community college], but never felt like I wanted to commit to really learning how to paint.  The classes had an unexpected benefit–the instructors and the practice helped me see paintings and all art better.

I took a class in making stained glass–I found out that I hated the feel of glass (cold, sharp edges).  But I loved the process of putting color together to ‘make a thing’.  I stored that insight away for awhile.

So when I found quiltmaking, everything came together.  It was color.  It was pattern.  It was limitless in terms of design possibilities.

MidCentury Modern Curves. Sample quilt from my on demand workshop. Click HERE for information.


And, sometimes, I pull out those photography, painting and print making skills to create unique fabric for a future art quilt.


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