Creating Great Virtual Guild Programs and Meetings

I’ve been lecturing and teaching virtually for guilds this summer and more events scheduled into the fall and into 2021.  I’ve been noticing that many guild officers and members are searching for tips on how to run guild meetings and programs over zoom so that even ‘low tech’ members can participate and stay engaged.  Click here for information about my guild events.

I’ve created a list of online resources that will help all Guilds have great Zoom events!  (scroll down to end of this post.)  Use these resources to find out the answers to your questions about holding virtual events.  You can explore:

  • How and Why Your Guild CAN stay connected and Deliver Value through Virtual Events
  • Why Every Guild needs a Zoom Account
  • The Tech Coordinator(s):  A New Role for Every Guild
  • Running Virtual Guild Meetings: Preparation and managing conversations and social time; chat function and more
  • Best way to run a high impact Show & Tell (See my tip about this below and a slide template that you can use)
  • Creating Virtual Challenges to stay Connected
  • Best Practices for Finding and Working with Virtual Lecturers and Workshop Teachers

BONUS TIP FROM ME! Best Practice for Guild Show & Tell

Show & Tell can be pretty ‘hit-or-miss’ when we ask members to stand up and hold up a quilt live.  It takes a lot of time to switch to each member–then remind them to unmute, etc.  Even then, we still can’t really see all of the quilt, can we? And most members do not have great lighting in their studios.

We can FIX this problem and have a great Show & Tell Experience.  How…….well…….

The answer is a Show & Tell Slide Show!!

The Slide Show is very easy to create.  Here’s how we do it in my Guild.

  1. Appoint a member who has skills using either PowerPoint or Google Slides as the Coordinator– they will be in charge of creating a Show & Tell slide show.
  2. Have each member EMAIL the Coordinator a photo of the quilt. A photo of the quilt pinned to a wall is best.  But, a quilt held up outdoors will work because natural light is great for showing colors.  One full quilt and a detail shot is enough.
  3. Member also sends a bit of information to the Coordinator for her/him to put on the slide.  Click here for a downloadable sample slide layout.
    •  Full name of quilter
    • Quilt Title
    • Name of pattern used and name of pattern designer, if any
    • Date completed
    • a short sentence about fabric or inspiration

Here is a PowerPoint template — it’s blank so you can use any PowerPoint design or just leave it blank: Guild Show & Tell Blank Slide

Here is a PowerPoint template using one of the PowerPoint slide designs: Guild Show & Tell with Design

And, here’s what the slide can look like using one of my quilts!

Online Resources for Training on How to Run Virtual Guild Events

Quilter’s Calendar:   This site is full of free resources.  You can join a support group.  You can join LIVE  Zoom coaching sessions with small groups of quilt guild officers and get yoru questions answered.  You can also search for teachers (like me!) who offer guild events, on demand classes and more!

Global Quilt Connection This site is a fabulous resource.  GQC will run 4 events where teachers give a 3 minute Meet Me talk.  Most of the teachers show yu their studio and hwo they run virtual events, and describe how to find out more information.  Each event is recorded and you can watch it anytime.  You can also download a Teacher’s Directory with live links to our websites.  My 3 minute video is here. 

Quilt Guild Techies Facebook Group:  If you are on Facebook, you can join this group to get tips from other Guilds!

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