Tutorials–Bindings, Sleeves, QAYG and Bags!

In this post, I have links to tutorials that you may find helpful and a short description of my first QAYG — Quilt As You Go Project.

Faced Mitered Bindings!

I love faced bindings for modern and art quilts.  Making a Mitered Faced Binding had never occurred to me.

Mitered Faced Binding by Jenny Haynes

Then I saw a posting by my friend Kelly Spell on Instagram showing her recent finish using this new to me mitered facing technique.  Kelly referenced a tutorial by the talented Jenny Haynes of PapperStenSaxten showing how to make this elegant finish.  (Jenny’s photo is shown above.).  Find the Tutorial HERE.

I plan on trying this technique very soon and I will update this post with a photo or two.

And, here is a link to my original tutorial for a regular finish for a faced binding.

Machine Binding, Sleeves & More

I think that Carolina Moore has great tutorials on her YouTube Channel. She gives very practical and easy to follow instructions.
 Here are a few quilt related tutorials that I especially recommend.  Click each title to watch her videos.
Are You A Bag Maker?
Then check out Carolina Moore’s new template for bag makers.  I am not a bag maker…but this ruler template looked really useful!  Check in with your local quilt shop to see if they carry it.

Quilt As You Go

I have tried quilt as you go techniques and here is a brief description of a recent experiment using sashing for Quilt As You Go.  I am interested in quilt as you go because I cannot quilt large quilts on my domestic machine.  QAYG allows me to quilt smaller sections and join them.  There are some upcoming projects that I really want to quilt myself and QAYG makes it possible.

For this quilt, I used a favorite text print and coordinating Moda Grunge fabrics.

I strip pieced each block with a sandwich of backing, batting and the strips.  The center strip in each block is 3-1/2″ wide and the other strips are 2-1/4″ wide.  The block finishes at 12-1/2 inches square. I pieced each block with my walking foot because I was working with a sandwich.  I did not mark it–I simply added each strip to the block using a 1/4″ seam.

Here’s the front of the quilt.  After piecing the strips, I added additional quilting to each block before joining the blocks together.

The sashing strips are 1-1/2″ wide.  To make it more modern, I improvisationally pieced my sashing strips for the front and the back. After I joined the blocks into the rows, I added quilting to the sashing.  I think it does make the sashing technique more modern–do you agree?

Close up showing quilting in block and sashing

I also created sashing strips using some of the backing fabric–this makes the sashing almost disappear. I used these on the back to see how it would look.  I like the blending effect although I think using a print makes the blending more difficult.

Full back of quilt–improvisationally pieced.


Close up of back showing sashing strips made from the backing fabric.

Next time I make QAYG, I will omit the sashing on the front and join the blocks together that way or make sashing with  fabrics that blend even more into the block design.  On the back, I will try using a fabric that allows the sashing to blend more effectively. And, I will also add more quilting that goes across the blocks and sashing (or joining seams if there is no sashing)  to integrate the design even more. I also plan on making large square or rectangular sections as QAYG–not rows!   There are lots of possibilities to play with.

I encourage you to experiment with the various methods in the tutorials linked below and find your own preferred approach. I do a LOT of research on techniques when I plan to try them.

Here are some resources that I recommend on the Quilt as You Go technique. And, there are many more tutorials on YouTube that you can explore.

Pattern Poole TV

Monica + Alaura Poole are a delightful mother & daughter duo from Sydney, Australia.  Their YouTube channel is full of useful tips and techniques.  Although their style is more traditional, I always learn a new tip when I watch their videos.  Check out their series on different ways to make quilt as you go quilts with and without sashing.

American Patchwork and Quilting YouTube Channel

AP&Q is a great free resource on all sorts of techniques.  Here’s a link to their video tutorial on sash free quilt as you go. 


2 thoughts on “Tutorials–Bindings, Sleeves, QAYG and Bags!”

  1. Charlotte Howard

    I have never been interested in making string-pieced blocks or QAYG blocks or a quilt from them, but yours is so beautiful that I am now very inspired. Your color palette is so gorgeously saturated with warm colors, and I love the way you use that larger 3.5″ strip in the center of each block to create a focal point for the overall design. I do love your multi-colored improv sashing. It’s lots of fun and matches the style of the quilt perfectly. My guild has a string-pieced quilt challenge going on and I hadn’t thought I would participate, but now I want to try this QAYG process out.

    1. Thanks Charlotte, I am really glad that my short tutorial helped open up some new possibilities for using this technique. I am looking forward to seeing what you create!

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